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Ooh la la! It’s the weekend! I hope you’re making the most of it! I’m wearing a pair of skull-print velvet pants — vintage Betsey of course — & putting together outfits for next week’s Vegas adventure! I can’t wait to see Nubby & Kat & get into some trouble!

In other news, today I burnt TWO packets of microwave popcorn while Worst Cooks In America was playing on television… Pot, kettle? Sheesh!

Okay, here are some links to spice up your weekend…

Love & the smell of burnt popcorn,

<3 This video of Naomi, her husband & their baby in NYC is so cute!

<3 OMG: McDonald’s Does the Right Thing. This is kind of shocking & definitely a step in the right direction…

<3 Here’s a timeline of quirky girls through history from the Huffington Post.

<3 If you’re feeling a little uninspired by your winter wardrobe, have look at the winter remix challenge over at What I Wore!

<3 Here are my most recent posts for ChinaShop: Kate Spade Wants YOU... To Mix Prints! Seriously, so cute. It was a great presentation! & I wrote up my Betsey Johnson fashion show experience at Betsey Johnson Gives Us Betseymania! It was the best best best show of MBNYFW if you ask me!

<3 Cats as fonts made me laugh… I think Dolly would be Wing Dings!

<3 I love Yumna’s photos of Cindy Gallop. It always makes me smile when smart, amazing women collaborate!

<3 On that subject, I am really excited about Betsey’s collaboration with OPI!

<3 I spoke on a panel about building blog community on Wednesday & afterwards I had a chat with a guy called Mikey who runs a blog for PTSD for veterans. I don’t like war — well, who does? — but I support our troops, & I know that PTSD is a big issue for a lot of them. If you have family members or friends who you think could benefit from reading about this, please check out PTSD Survivor Daily, & spread the word. It’s a great blog & Mikey is really helping a lot of people.

<3 I heard about The Rapunzel Project from reading my hairdresser Kristin’s blog. Check it out.

<3 This installation in Copenhagen is fab!

<3 Henry Miller’s Commandments for writing are — of course — totally brilliant. But what else would you expect?!

<3 A fascinating interview with Danielle Steele about her writing process & how she stays organised… I love this!

<3 Kris Atomic drew a cute Valentine’s Day gal!

<3 Don’t you think it’s interesting how these problems that used to seem very high school — like, for example, the ending of a friendship — are now, somehow, the domain of adults? Even the journalists at the New York Times are talking about it. I blame social media for making us all so much more connected. In the olden days, you could just avoid people! Twitter, Facebook & email all make that so much more difficult!

<3 Si wrote a great post on how what we want most from others is what we’re not giving ourselves. He’s a smart cookie, that one…

<3 Mike & I watched a documentary on Netflix the other day called You’re Gonna Miss Me, about Roky Erickson, psychedelic rock legend. It was amazing, & the next day I heard about this filming project. Check it out & if you feel moved, please contribute to this very worthy cause!

<3 My buddy John wrote about battling the anxiety beast. He’s another smart cookie!

<3 I love this wallpaper! I would love to do a bathroom in it…

<3 Once upon a time, a young magician wrote to Teller — of Penn & Teller fame — asking for advice. Teller wrote back… & it is glorious.

<3 If you’re interested, you can read a summary of the panel I was on about creating community around your blog!

<3 I don’t often say things like this in public, but Chris Brown is a scumbag. I was sent into a blood-boiling rage when I saw him being celebrated at the Grammys, & even worse is that everyone in that audience had an opportunity to say something about it, but DIDN’T. Now, from Slate: Why Chris Brown Is Even Worse Than You Thought. Ugh. Honestly.

<3 All fashion writers need to read this! So funny & so true!

<3 It’s not a surprise, or anything, but I love this field of 9,000 synchronised lights…

<3 Have you seen these photos of a guy playing catch with dogs underwater?! So funny! I love it!

<3 There’s a super-cool installation at Millenium Park in Chicago & it ends in two days so GO SEE IT!

<3 This is adorbs: Hello Blue Ivy Carter.

<3 OH MY GOODNESS, we all need hidden animal teacups!!!!!

<3 Would you make a lamp out of a book? I think this is cute. My husband thinks it is a fire hazard. This sums us up perfectly!

<3 A church full of LED lights. ‘Nuff said!

So, if you have time, you should watch this entire episode. It is the funniest episode of Saturday Night Live I’ve seen in a really, really long time.

...But if you’re short on time, just watch this: Bein’ Quirky With Zooey Deschanel!


My buddy Isaac in my hometown, WELLINGTON!

...& hey! If you enjoyed these links, hit the LIKE button below to share ‘em with your friends!

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